Scroll, scroll, scroll—full stop.

Good brand photography makes a difference.

Take a deep breath and picture what it would feel like to have a bank of photos ready and waiting for you. Less time rapidly scrolling through your camera roll trying to find a useable photo to post, more time sitting on your couch eating Chipotle and watching reruns of Frasier.

Is it paradise?
Or is it Brooke? 

How do you make sure a photoshoot goes well? Plan well. Don’t worry—I’ll do most of this for us. Once you tell me all about your vision through an easy little questionnaire, we’ll meet (virtually) to brainstorm and hash out details like location and styling.


With the nitty gritty stuff done, now we let our hard work coast us through the fun part—making. Shoot day jitters are a thing, but they won’t last long. I approach my work in a laid-back, comfortable way—so whether I'm capturing people or products, I help bring out their uniqueness. The result? Work that stands out and feels distinctly "you". 


You'll receive high resolution downloads & digital usage rights of your favorite images from the shoot in an online gallery & a custom app so you can access your photos whenever you need em.



Really good work doesn't have to be really stressful.

Branding Photography

Same day, different shirt. 
Use this time to knock out your social content, or give your website  that much needed refresh. Heck, we could even shoot your ecommerce items without your dog running into every shot.


* Any location fees or permits to be paid by client
** Sales tax not included in price

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Portrait Photography

You, me and some time dedicated to photographing your face. This is a relaxed session for individuals and couples (tagalong dogs are also highly recommended).

Want something out of the box? Let’s chat about custom packages and pricing.


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Here's a question?

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